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What does “LEGE VERBUM” mean?

LEGE VERBUM are two Latin words that mean read the word.

Why a Book Club?

The purpose of creating this Book Club is to encourage members of our Parish (and beyond) to take their personal even formation more seriously. One of the ways to achieve this end is through the reading of good books regarding topics like liturgy, philosophy, theology, spirituality, Bible, life of the Saints, Church history, etc.

Will there be only one Book Club?

The Lege Verbum Book Club is one club divided by sections: Language (English and Chinese) and age (Kids, Teens, Adults).

Would Club members meet regularly?

Yes. Different groups will have schedule Book Club Meets.

How can I join?

Click on the link at the bottom of this page and follow the procedure. We will add you to our mailing and Whatsapp contact list.

When are we starting?

The Adults section (English) will start on June 24, Feast of Saint John the Baptist. Please visit this page to know more about the list of books, and scheduled meets.

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